Delivering knowledge. Facilitating networks. Building pathways.

The DialoguE on European Decarbonisation Strategies (DEEDS) delivers state-of the art knowledge on decarbonisation pathways and facilitates knowledge co-creation with policy, business representatives, scientists, NGO’s and other stakeholders.

What is DEEDS?

A knowledge hub

delivering state-of the art knowledge on decarbonisation pathways and through facilitating knowledge co-creation.

A network

for co-creation of knowledge, policies and business strategies with relevant representatives from science, policy, industry and civil society.

A pathway

towards cost-effective decarbonisation strategies in the European Union, in accordance with the goals of the Paris Agreement and EU objectives.


DEEDS engages with different stakeholders and facilitates dialogue.

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DEEDS at COP24, Katowice

How can we meet the 1.5C target and what are the consequences if we don’t Where: EU Pavilion, COP 24 Date: 13 December Time: 16:00 – 17:30 We are currently not on track to meet the Paris Agreement targets of limiting global warming to 1.5°C or even well below 2°C. What could be the long-term […]

Promoting the energy transition through innovation

A recent study by Nesta et al. (2018) shows that certain combinations of research and environmental policy instruments are more effective in promoting renewable energy innovation than others.

Climate Change is a Women’s Issue

Women are underrepresented in climate science and decision-making, although being powerful agents of change.

DEEDS Consortium Meeting in Potsdam (18-19 October)

DEEDS partners met in Potsdam (18-19 Oct 2018) to discuss COP, workshops and were visited by Prof. Schellnhuber.

Share your knowledge

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In a face-to-face dialogue

Take advantage of events and meetings to get an insight into DEEDs work and take part in the information exchange.

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Contacting the consortium

Subscribe to our newsletter if you want to be updated regularly. If you have any questions or inquiries about DEEDS, you can contact us.

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Via an online survey

If you are interested in sharing your scientific knowledge, want to become a stakeholder in the DEEDS process, or want to take part in our online surveys.

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Through webinars

Join our webinars to learn about decarbonisation pathways and exchange about aspects and options of a low carbon future.