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DEEDS at COP24, Katowice

How can we meet the 1.5C target and what are the consequences if we don’t Where: EU Pavilion, COP 24 Date: 13 December Time: 16:00 – 17:30 We are currently not on track to meet the Paris Agreement targets of limiting global warming to 1.5°C or even well below 2°C. What could be the long-term […]

Promoting the energy transition through innovation

A recent study by Nesta et al. (2018) shows that certain combinations of research and environmental policy instruments are more effective in promoting renewable energy innovation than others.

Climate Change is a Women’s Issue

Women are underrepresented in climate science and decision-making, although being powerful agents of change.

DEEDS Consortium Meeting in Potsdam (18-19 October)

DEEDS partners met in Potsdam (18-19 Oct 2018) to discuss COP, workshops and were visited by Prof. Schellnhuber.

Towards European decarbonisation

It is evident that decarbonization, and specifically deep decarbonization of Europe, will require a complete restructuring of the European economies, with long-lasting implications for all economic sectors, but also for the mind set of European citizens. Steering such a transformation will be possible only if a clear vision is developed.

An inclusive and participatory approach to European Decarbonisation Pathways

To create state-of the art knowledge, DEEDS is currently developing a database of scientific experts who can contribute to one or more of our research areas

DEEDS Consortium Meeting

From 15 to 16 March, the 15 DEEDS partners discussed progress and next steps

DEEDS is building its database of experts and stakeholders

We are looking for scientific experts and stakeholders from science, policy, industry and civil society to be part of the dialogue on decarbonisation pathways.

Networking for Decarbonisation Pathways

On 7 February 2018, projects under the Horizon 2020 Programme of the EU came together to discuss synergies and how to maximise their impact.

DEEDS at the CARISMA final conference

On 6 February 2018, DEEDS had its first public appearance at CARISMA’s final project conference in Brussels.