Recommendations from the DEEDS special session at the Beyond Growth Conference

This knowledge co-creation conference will aim to advance the ongoing discussions on developing measures of wellbeing and sustainability and improving their use in integrated policy processes. It will take place on 28-29 October in Helsinki, Finland.

In a special session of DEEDs at the Beyond Growth Conference in Helsinki, the role of the ‘Beyond GDP initiative’ and the monitoring indicators in the transformation to a climate-neutral society were discussed. This report includes the conclusions and recommendations of the session.

As Europe strives to achieve its ambitions of the Paris Climate Agreement and become climate-neutral by 2050, moving towards the European Commission’s vision of ‘a clean planet for all’ there will need to be deep economic and societal transformations, engaging all aspects of life.

The European Commission is aiming to ensure a fair and just transition, where no region in European region is left behind.