DEEDS at the CARISMA final conference

On 6 February 2018, DEEDS had its first public appearance at CARISMA’s final project conference in Brussels.

At the first public appearance of DEEDS at the final conference from the related CARISMA project  in Brussels on 6th February 2018, DEEDS Coordinator Adriaan Slob formerly took over CARISMA’s legacy from Heleen de Conick, Coordinator of CARISMA – the climate change platform.

At the conference, the CARISMA team presented the main findings from its work on: social, economic and environmental impacts of mitigation options in different country contexts, how effectiveness of national and European climate change policies can be influenced by developments in the policy and societal context, positive or negative interactions with climate and environmental policies, and international cooperation in the field of technology and innovation.

The outcomes were presented against the backdrop of the need to scale up mitigation options for realising the Paris Agreement. The panellists put forward practical solutions and approaches how to overcome obstacles in this endeavour, such as public resistance, insufficient consideration of local context factors and others.

Scaling up of (technology) options, however, is often limited by issues such as public resistance, insufficient consideration of local context factors and others. How to overcome these barriers was discussed by the conference’s panellists.

Together with CARISMA Coordinator Heleen de Coninck, Adriaan Slob co-chaired the conference’s third session on “Maximising mitigation in EU and beyond”.  Along with  Tom van Ierland, DG Clima, European Commission; Ulrich Hansen, UNEP DTU Partnership; Henry Derwent, Climate Strategies; and Nick Campbell, UN Environment / CTCN they discussed international cooperation on research and innovation of options for climate change mitigation.

CARISMA’s final conference ended with Adriaan Slob taking over CARISMA’s legacy – the platform. The platform is a collaborative effort to make climate change research centrally available.

You can find more information on CARISMA’s final conference and project results here.