Watch the DEEDS Final Conference

Save the date: 15th-16th September 2020

On the 15th-16th September 2020, the DEEDS Final Conference took place, as an online conference. Our conference presented and shared the results of our project, highlighting the decarbonisation pathways for Europe.

Over the two days, we hosted four sessions, each addressing a different aspect of the project and results. You can watch the recordings of these sessions below:

Tuesday 15th September 2020.

 10:00 -11:30: Session 1, Decarbonisation pathways for European Member States and Regions

Recording of Session 1

Presentation of Session 1

14:00-15:30: Session 2, Workshop: Scenarios and knowledge databases for decarbonisation pathways in Europe

Recording of Session 2

Presentation of Session 2

Wednesday 16th September 2020.

10:00 -11:30: Session 3, Decarbonisation: The role of business and the pathways for the industrial sector

Recording of Session 3

Presentation of Session 3

14:00-15:30: Session 4, Decarbonisation challenges for the Green Deal and how to solve them

Recording of Session 4

Presentation of Session 4