Business Guide to Decarbonisation in Europe

Business Guide to Decarbonisation in Europe

This business guide summarises the fast-moving energy policy, technology and societal landscape in Europe.
Recognizing that businesses have different resource and maturity levels to commit to their decarbonisation journey, this guide provides an overview of 12 actions any business can implement to accelerate their energy transformation. We developed this section with contributions from WBCSD members, who collectively represent the leading experience in and strategy design for how companies can respond and adapt to the energy transition.
Because businesses urgently need to think through their contributions to (and place in) a decarbonised Europe, the guide also provides a high-level overview of the decarbonisation pathways foreseen in five sectors.
The guide concludes with a call to policy-makers and businesses to move decarbonisation strategies from words to reality.


World Business Council for Sustainable Development

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