DEEDS Knowledge Base

The knowledge base constitutes the quantitative backbone on which the different activities of this project can rely. Beyond the direct relevance for the projects’ activities, the HLP and the DG R&I, the knowledge base intends to reach out to the academia and the broader audience interested in European decarbonisation pathways and key technologies that could deliver deep and rapid reductions in emissions.

The knowledge base may help stakeholders from industry, policy-making and society to access detailed information about expected European emission limits, technology markets and energy prices, to develop long-term strategies based on this information, and understand the market potential for technologies consistent with decarbonization pathways.

The knowledge base consists of two components: the scenario explorer and the technology database. The document presents both databases, shows the various applications of the tools and how to withdraw useful information from them.


Antoine Levesque (PIK), Robert Pietzcker (PIK), Renato Rodrigues (PIK), Christian Bauer (PSI), Tom Kober (PSI), Peter Kolp (IIASA)


Lara Aleluia (FEEM), Rosamaria Olivadese (TNO)