DEEDS Research & Innovation Agenda

Research and Innovation Agenda

The main objectives of the DEEDS-project are to deliver state-of-the-art knowledge on decarbonisation pathways and to facilitate knowledge co-creation on decarbonisation pathways with policy and business representatives, scientists, NGO’s and other stakeholders.

In the DEEDS Research & Innovation Agenda recommendations on Research and Innovation (R&I) aimed at decarbonisation of the European economy and society are compiled to inform the next Research and Innovation framework programme Horizon Europe. Horizon Europe, in synergy with other EU programmes, will play a pivotal role in leveraging national public and private investments in the frame of the EU Green Deal. The following R&I recommendations are aligned with the topics and objectives of the EU Green Deal. They are derived from the work and products that the DEEDS project delivered, more specifically from the final report of the High-Level Panel of the European Decarbonisation Pathways Initiative, the workshops that the DEEDS project organised and the Policy Briefs and Business Guide that the DEEDS project published. In this publication, the titles of the R&I recommendations per research area relevant to the EU Green Deal are presented. Each chapter of this Research Agenda is dedicated to a relevant research area and describes the main knowledge gaps that should be addressed by R&I, and highlights the challenges and desired impact of the R&I recommendations.


Adriaan Slob, Rosamaria Olivadese, Anthony Velazquez Abad, Elena Beianu, Jeroen Brouwer, Thierry Brunelle, Paul Deane, Tom Kober, Arne Lorenz, Gunnar Luderer, Francesco Fuso Nerini, Robert Pietzcker, Kannan Ramachandran, Renato Rodrigues, Elena Verdolini, Zoi Vrontisi, Mario Willemsation

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