DEEDS Workshop Results

In November 2018, the High-Level Panel (HLP) of the European Decarbonisation Pathways Initiative (EDPI) published its final report outlining a Research and Innovation (R&I) strategy for a low-carbon future in the EU, while at the same time increasing the competitiveness of the EU economy. The DEEDS-project supported the writing process of this report. Furthermore, after its publication, the project wanted to support the further uptake of its recommendations by creating a dialogue for the co-creation of knowledge and policy recommendations. Working together with relevant representatives from policymaking, science, industry and civil society, the primary aim of the project has been to contribute to the vision for a carbon-neutral Europe by 2050 and associated carbon pathways.

In order to achieve this aim, seven transdisciplinary workshops were organised with representatives from policymaking, science, industry and civil society on the chapters of the HLP-report:
1. Industry: Business for an EU low carbon economy – solutions and policies
2. Energy: Decarbonising the energy sector through Research & Innovation
3. Social Innovation: Social Innovation and lifestyle change for the decarbonisation of Europe
4. Mobility: Research & Innovation for unlocking the decarbonisation of transport
5. Cities: Priority actions to achieve zero-carbon cities
6. Finance: Finance and new business models for decarbonisation
7. Agriculture: Pathways for decarbonised agriculture and food systems

Each workshop was based on a discussion document that summarised a chapter of the Final Report of the HLP. The workshops commenced with a series of presentations from speakers to set the scene of the topic. Following the presentations, the participants were split into two to three groups (depending on the number of participants) in order to answer specific questions about the topic and to discuss the recommendations put forward by the HLP. These workshops were essential in developing a solid guide for businesses in Europe on their path to decarbonisation, as well as briefings for policy-makers.

The results of the workshops are summarised in this report.

Furthermore, in one chapter the outcome of various workshops that have been organised are presented by the World Business Council for Sustainable Development, one of the DEEDS partners, in order to engage the business community in co-designing effective business strategies for deep decarbonisation.


Elena Georgiana Beianu (EIT InnoEnergy)


Adriaan Slob & Rosamaria Olivadese (TNO)