Workshop: “Finance and new business models for decarbonisation” (28 October 2019)

The transition towards a carbon neutral Europe will require deep changes in its economy, institutions, politics, social networks and people’s behaviour. The DEEDS workshop on "Finance and new business models for decarbonisation" discussed the recommendations of the High-Level Panel of the European Decarbonisation Pathways Initiative.

The sixth workshop of the DEEDS stakeholder engagement series on “Finance and new business models for decarbonisation” took place on 28 October 2019 in Paris.

In order to achieve a successful transition to decarbonisation, a massive mobilisation of public and private investments will be required. Achieving the EU’s energy and climate targets will require a big scale redirection of investments away from fossil-based and towards zero-carbon technologies. At present, innovative business models represent a small share of the market and are followed and implemented mainly by niche companies. Understanding the current most cost-efficient innovative low-carbon business models and the potential emission reduction that they can bring if widely applied, can be a first step in the direction of decarbonising European economy and financing sector. Furthermore, it is crucial to understand where low-carbon business models thrive and where they fail by analysing the regulatory framework, energy prices and labour costs of innovative low-carbon business models. R&I actions can also support the development of new economic and climate models which can capture the dynamics associated with innovative, low-carbon business models.

The DEEDS workshop on finance provided insights into the fundamental transformations required for a shift towards decarbonising the finance sector and financing decarbonisation measures, and looked into the recommendations of the High-Level Panel of the European Decarbonisation Pathways Initiative. Participants discussed the limitations and opportunities to ramp up financing innovative solutions, new business models and social innovation for this tranformation of the financial sector and towards a low-carbon economy to happen. This was done in collaboration with stakeholders from local, national and European policy makers, businesses, academia and civil society.

Venue: Deskeo, 277 rue Saint-Honoré, 75008, Paris